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Hello World!

Hello All,

I would like to introduct PrimeWare to you!

PrimeWare is leading the way in the research and manufacturing of environmentally friendly “Green” products for the food industry.  PrimeWare tableware is disposable, compostable, and biodegradable.  In fact, PrimeWare’s disposable plates, platters, bowls, trays, and hinged-lid containers are made from natural and sustainable sugar cane byproducts known as Bagasse.  Products made from renewable resources like sugar cane mean less destruction of our forests and a significant reduction in harmful toxic waste from plastics and Styrofoam. PrimeWare also produces a wide assortment of cup carriers made from recycled materials.

Concerns about the health of our global environment are growing faster than ever. PrimeWare is making major advancements, supplying high quality biodegradable containers and disposable tableware through its worldwide distribution partners. PrimeWare disposable plates, bowls, trays and other biodegradable tableware are compostable in as little as 45 days. Imagine the positive impact these products have on our environment!

PrimeWare — Unmatched Distributor Products & Support

Looking to round out your product mix with biodegradable plates and food containers that are both disposable and compostable? PrimeWare is ready to support you with:

  • Low Minimum Orders To Better Manage Inventory
  • Huge Product Availability  For Fast Deliveries
  • Private Labeled Products To Strengthen Your Brand
  • Custom Size Products to Meet Specific Needs
  • Rim Printing Available For Large Volume Orders
  • Smaller, Retail Pack Sizes
  • “Eco Friendly” Disposables To Compliment Your Product Mix

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