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A recent article from the New York Times “Nudging Recycling From Less Waste to None” discusses moving into “zero waste”. This is a strategy moving to the mainstream and taking hold all over. This article looks at the positives and negatives of “zero waste” and the different steps that need to be taken in order to achieve it.

Check out this article and let us know your thoughts:

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3 Responses to 'ZERO WASTE'

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  1. Glenn said,

    Our family has been recyclers for 25 years or more. How can we make it easier for commercial and residential users to recycle? I work in a big 3 facility and it amazes me how much that could be reused or recycled is just put into the compactor. There are recycling bins for plastics, but most people still throw out the plastic bottles, even though the recycle bins are often right next to the trash. How can we instill a sense of responsibility or urgency to bring this cultural change about?

    • primeware said,

      PrimeWare is taking steps to educate people on the importance of recycling, going green and sustainability. It sounds like your company has already made strides by providing recycling bins. We can’t force people to care about the earth or what they can do for it, but we can lead by example and educate others on the importance of recycling.

  2. Rivka Bent said,

    I have a rather young family and we have started recycling within the last 5 years. I too would like to would like to know how it can be made easier for me and my family to recycle. At the moment we have curbside recycling but are limited to what we can recycle.

    We have started a composting pile in our backyard and have taken classes on how to composte. I would like to see more items be compostable.

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