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Time to Set the Table…With PrimeWare

PrimeWare is proud to announce a new member of the family…our new line of cutlery! Our cutlery, like all of our other products, is Eco-Friendly. The new line is made with plant starch material, or PSM. PSM is a GMO-free sustainable resource. Two of the major components used to produce our PrimeWare PSM cutlery are cornstarch and potato starch. Unlike some other disposable cutlery, PrimeWare cutlery can stand up to both hot and cold foods. Our new line includes spoons, forks, knives, and soup spoons- covering all your needs. Our products are made from naturally renewable materials, not from plastic or oil. They come from nature, and go back to nature. Now your entire table can be green and eco-friendly. So welcome to the table with PrimeWare…Innovation for the Environment.

Brought to you by PrimeWare Eco-Friendly Disposable tableware-Innovation for the Environment!


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