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Ban on Paper and Plastic?

Posted in bagasse,biodegradable,compostable,disposable tableware,eco-friendly by primeware on May 24, 2010

Across the country, plastic bags are becoming increasingly discouraged, and in some places, even banned. It is obvious that plastic bags are bad for the environment, they sit in landfills forever and they can end up in the ocean, potentially harming marine animals. However, with plastic bags no longer an option in some places, what about paper bags? Are they really that much better for the environment? Although they will eventually biodegrade over time, they are heavy to transport (creating more pollution) and creating them wastes a lot of trees. With all this in mind, some areas (the California Bay Area, in particular) are gunning for laws that would potentially eliminate both plastic AND paper bags. This would mean that reusable bags would be the only option.

While this is all well and good, is it realistic to expect all people to have reusable bags? It would be the ideal, sure, but are people actually ready for something like this yet? We want to know what you think! Is a ban like this ahead of its time?

For more on this topic, read this article from the New York Times

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  1. primeware said,

    The article wouldn’t link, so here it is!
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. At, we don’t think it is an idea ahead of its time. In fact, since we have launched our website just 8 months ago, we have had over 50,000 members raise their hand and commit to eliminate plastic bags from their lives. Of course, they have achieved this with a little help from ConservingNow – we have a FREE car window static cling that helps people remember to bring their bags with them for every shopping trip since it is the last thing you see when you leave the car. It also has the added benefit of reminding other around you to do the same.

    It is such a simple concept and something we can all do. The best part of all is that it can have a huge impact on the environment. The average family uses 400-700 plastic bags per year. If we all bring our own bags, just think of how many plastic bags will NEVER evern enter the ecosystem. We can really do this! Together we can make a difference….

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