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Going Green is Good For Business

Posted in Uncategorized by primeware on June 1, 2010

Going green isn’t just for hippies and “organic” companies anymore. Green is the thing to do now, for everyone from huge companies like Wal-Mart to small Mom-and-Pop types of places. Although many companies’ sudden interests in going green may be misplaced, shouldn’t we still be happy that they’re doing it? From a green perspective, companies should want to be more eco-friendly because it is the right thing to do. However, from a business perspective, going green is important because people are looking for it now. If your company isn’t doing it and the competition is, you’re likely to start losing money and customers. Going green can be expensive, but in the long run (especially for big corporations), it will be worth the extra money.

For more on this topic, read this article.

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