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California Assembly Bill 1998 – Ban on Plastic Bags

Recently, California’s Assembly passed Bill 1998, which is the bill to ban plastic bags. On top of the plastic bag ban, this bill would force stores to sell paper bags to customers at the point of sale. These bags would be required to be at least 0.05 cents, but could cost up to 0.10 cents. This bill would not just affect grocery stores, but also retailers. Although there are many who are probably jumping for joy at the Assembly’s passage of this bill, others are less than thrilled. Groups opposed to the bill claim that it will be bad for the economy, and even for the environment (however, I personally do not see how it could be bad for the environment). As far as being bad for the economy, I think that if this bill passes in the Senate (where it is headed later this summer), it would just encourage people to buy reusable shopping bags so that they didn’t have to purchase paper bags at the point of sale while shopping.

Even if this bill doesn’t pass in the Senate, I think just the fact of its existence means that we are starting to head in the right direction.

To read more on this topic, go to this article.

We want to hear what you think! Are you happy about the passage of Assembly Bill 1998? Or do you disagree with a ban on plastic bags? We love to hear from you!

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