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Green Product Labeling

We all know that when it comes to green product labeling, companies can get pretty shady. Many companies throw words on their product labeling that will hopefully catch the eyes of someone trying to green up their act a bit. “Organic,” “biodegradable,” “compostable,” “pure,” are just some of the many words that companies use to fool customers into buying their products that may not be as green as they claim. Companies are able to do this because there are not many restrictions on green product labeling because it is such a new area that the government has not yet put restrictions on what can and cannot be said.

It is hard to know if companies are being truthful in their labeling of supposedly “green” products. The only way to make sure that you’re making informed decisions is to educate yourself. The website and others like it review all kinds of green products and rate them based on a comprehensive rating system.

Going green doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, it is pretty darn easy! It does take a little extra work, and maybe even a little research, but it’s your earth, and it’s worth it!

For a funny, insightful outlook on the broken green labeling system and how to fix it, click here.

What do you think about green product labeling? Should companies be allowed to say whatever they want as long as there are not legal restrictions? Let us know what you think! We love to hear from you : )

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