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“Natural” Beauty Care Product Labels

As is evident from the last blog post, advertisers can get pretty tricky when it comes to “green” terminology. This goes for everything – food, disposable tableware (hey, that’s us!), household cleaning products, and even beauty care and cosmetic products. The labels on these products are not easy to figure out, and it can be tough to figure out if products are truly as “green” as they claim to be. But don’t worry, help has arrived! Here are some helpful hints to help you figure out what you’re really getting with “green” beauty products.

1. Start reading ingredient labels. This is definitely tough at first, because beauty products are chock full of ingredients with crazy confusing chemical names. However, there are many great sources out there to help you figure it all out. For these sources, click here and read this blog.

2. The word “natural” doesn’t mean what you think it does. Many people are drawn towards products with so-called “green” words on their labels. Natural is one of these words. Just because a product claims to be natural, does not mean that it is.

3. Natural does not mean organic. Natural just means that the product or some ingredients within the product are naturally derived. Organic, however, means that something was grown under eco-friendly, sustainable conditions. It’s worth noting that while labels may claim that certain ingredients are organic, that does not mean that the entire product is organic.

4. Third party certifications are a good thing. When you see organic food in the grocery store, in order for it to call itself truly organic, it must have the USDA organic seal. A product must contain 95% organic material in order to gain this seal, and there are strict restrictions on what can go into the other 5%. So looking out for the USDA organic seal doesn’t just apply to your food anymore, it also now applies to your beauty and personal care products.

5. Look out for certain ingredients! For a list of ingredients to look out for (because they’re not allowed in the 5% of non-organic products) click here.

So next time you need a new foundation or facewash, think about taking the “natrual” route! : )

What organic products do you like to use? Do you think they work as well as non-organic personal products? Let us know what you think! We love to hear from you!

Brought to you by PrimeWare Eco-Friendly Disposable tableware-Innovation for the Environment!


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