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Styrofoam Bans Throughout California

Styrofoam. You know, that stuff your to-go containers from restaurants are made of. Or at least, what they used to be made of (depending on where you live, but we’ll get to that later). Expanded polystyrene is the official name, but we are going to go with styrofoam for the time being. For many years, styrofoam was the only option for things like to-go containers, and packing popcorn. However, we have finally learned styrofoam’s dirty little secret…it never goes away. Like a tattoo of your ex’s name or embarrassing pictures of you in the bathtub as a child, styrofoam sticks around to haunt us. Even after we are done with it and throw it away, the remnants remain in landfills for years after their initial disposal. Not so good, right?

So it is easy to see why dozens of California cities and counties are outlawing the stuff, including San Francisco, Berkley, Los Angeles County, Malibu, Sonoma County, and Oakland (for a complete list of CA styrofoam bans, click here). They want no part in haunting their great-grandchildren with their to-go container from dinner on Friday night. And rightfully so, especially since there are now eco-friendly alternatives. Many of the cities and counties that have banned styrofoam require that to-go containers be compostable or recyclable. This includes containers made from bagasse, which is the fiber left after the sugarcane refining process. Bagasse will biodegrade in proper composting. On the recycling side, many plastic to-go containers can be recycled, meaning that your trash won’t just go to waste (no pun intended).

Styrofoam bans like this are definitely a step in the right direction. So to all of those California cities and counties that have banned styrofoam, keep it up! And to the rest of you, happy greening!! : )

What do you think about the California styrofoam bans? Do you live in one of the places that has banned styrofoam? Have you noticed a difference? Let us know what you think! We love to hear from you : )

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